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Assynt Places - Drumbeg School

Drumbeg School, Assynt, 1910
This photograph was donated by Sandra Perry.
Head Teacher on left :Mr John Cameron ( came in March 1911 )
Assistant on right : Miss H MacKenzie ?
Taken in summer - note bare feet

BACK ROW left to right:
Kenny Graham, Duart Nedd
Hugh Ross, Nedd
John Macleod, Drumbeg Missionary
Hughina Macleod, Drumbeg - Non's Mother
Williamina Macleod, Culkein Caplach
Jessie Stewart, Nedd
David Macaulay, Oldany
Kenny Matheson, Drumbeg
Hughie Morrison, Culkein

2ND ROW left to right:
Dolly Macdonald, Culkein
Hughina Macdonald, Culkein
Sarah Graham, Drumbeg
Cathel Munro, Nedd
? Colman, Drumbeg at Cavies
Murdo Alick Macleod, Drumbeg
Willie Munro, Drumbeg
Donald MacLeod, Drumbeg Missionary
Neil Matheson, Drumbeg
Murdo Kerr, Nedd
Murdo Macleod, Drumbeg Missionary
Katy Ann Ross, Nedd
Mary Ann Macleod, Culkein
Peggy Munro, Drumbeg
Connie Macrae, Nedd

Peggy Macleod, Drumbeg
Katie Munro, Nedd
Hughina Morrison, Culkein
Hughina Stewart, Nedd
Maggie Ross, Nedd
Jessie MacAulay, Oldany
Ian Ross, Nedd
Lexy Macdonald, Culkein
Dolly Macleod, Drumbeg
Babbie Munro, Nedd
Nellie Macleod, Culkein
Katie Graham, --- [ Auchaloisk per original txt file ]
Maggie Macleod, Culkein
Katie Ann Morrison, Culkein
Bella Macaulay, Oldany
Annie Munro, Drumbeg
Connie MacKenzie ( teacher )

4th ROW
Katie Ross, Drumbeg
Nina Macdonald, Drumbeg
Alice Graham, Drumbeg
Flora Campbell, Nedd
Jessie Munro, Drumbeg
Cathie Macleod, Duart Nedd
Dolly Graham, Drumbeg
Mary Ann Macleod, Drumbeg Missionary
Annie Macleod, Culkein
Wilhelmina Macleod, Culkein Polcaple

Donnie Murdo Macleod, Drumbeg
Rory Macleod, Duart Nedd
Donald Macleod, Drumbeg - Punch
Alick Ross, Drumbeg
Murdo MacLeod. Mudie
John Macdonald, Drumbeg - Hen
Duncan Macleod, Culkein
John Kerr, Nedd

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