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club pictures

pictures from goth/industrial club nights here in baltimore.

friday nights at orpheus, where i work the door
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pictures taken at orpheus on saturdays at taboo, where i can frequently be found drinking myself silly. most of these pictures have massive potential for sucktitude
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pics taken at alchemy in d.c.
albums: 2
the depot
pictures taken at the depot. home to 80's pop crap, and drunks of all shapes and hairstyles
albums: 18
pics from plush, a clubnight that is now defunct. also included, are pics from the plush crews incvasion of the depot, after we were unceremoniously booted for no real reason.
albums: 3
horrorshow @ the sidebar. run by wendy and cha cha cha chewka.
albums: 1
albums: 1
albums: 10
pictures taken at clubs in new york
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a monthly night at grand central, in the mount vernon district of baltimore.
albums: 26

i dont remember the year, but the cruxshadows and das ich played. found this disk while i was moving.

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tax lo 2-25-05
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my first

my first non new years ascension. good night.

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new years eve 2004-2005

new years eve at ascension. as usual. holy fuck i was drunk. but then again so was everyone else, so im excused and absolved of all respnsibility

p.s. - theres doins a transpirin in the mens room

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