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Automobile RENTALS and NEW CARS!

This is a VERY NICE car lot just up the street from my house (where I rent rooms at 12-20,000 a day), and walking distance from Residence Splendide another inexpensive hotel that I refer people to from time to time.

Pape Diop is pictured here (under duress!) and this is his car lot. I am American and have lived in this area for about 5 years now, but in country for 10. I have watched this man build his business from virtually nothing to a very nice agency that also provides internet and office services, property rentals and of course, used and new car sales and rentals. The prices run from 25,000 cfa for a Honda Accord to 70,000 cfa for a 7 place 4x4. Mid size Peugots run about 40,000

With gas currently at about 1,000 a liter here ($2.16 as of today, 9/14/08) about $9 bux a gallon, here’s a heads up for the best cars at the best rates that I’ve seen. He also provides all the necessary papers and insurance for each vehicle.

Honda Accord w/ac 25,000 cfa $54 (about)

Peugeot 406 w/ac 40,000 cfa $86.50 (about)

Peugeot 307 w/ac
(family sedan) 40,000 cfa $86.50 (about)

4x4 Toyota Prado
(7 places) w/ac 70,000 cfa $151.25 (about)

4x4 Ford Explorer
(7 places) w/ac 70,000 cfa
Diesel $151.25 (about)

With the dollar dropping like a rock in a toilet, best to check the rates (dollar equivalent) at

Click on the ‘more currencies’ and ‘universal currency’ links to get to Senegalese cfa.

Email me at and I’ll give you more contact information and refer you to an english speaking mediator if necessary. Pape speaks some English, but French and Wolof primarily.

Please let him know you got his info from our SenegalStyle website. I don't get a commission (but should! haha!), nor did he pay me for doing this, but I firmly believe that a 'hand up' is better than a 'hand out' and when people work hard and most importantly, HONESTLY, they deserve all the help they can get!

email me at for his contact info if you can't make it out on these CRAPPY PICTURES!!!

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CAR RENTALS - Pape Diouf, Proprietor of this FINE ESTABLISHMENT!
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CAR RENTALS - Close up of Telephone Numbers
CAR RENTALS - Close up of Telephone …
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CAR RENTALS - front of Car Lot Office in Cite Sipress
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CAR RENTALS - 4x4 for RENT! Comes with ALL INSURANCE and paperwork!
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CAR RENTALS - Various Cars, Pix 2
CAR RENTALS - Various Cars, Pix 2
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CAR RENTALS - View from the Sidewalk! Various Models & Prices!
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CAR RENTALS - Inside of Rental Office!
CAR RENTALS - Inside of Rental Offic…
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