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CANACLA - Revolutionary (PORTABLE) Handwashing Fountain!

The Terracotta Canacla is a traditional hand made modified jar with a BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED Calabash bowl underneath. It's a ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, COST EFFECTIVE and ECOLOGICAL hand washing device that prevents infectious diseases and ENCOURAGES frequent HAND WASHING in both CHILDREN and adults because it's FUN!

It's inventor is JACQUES VANHERCKE, who had the idea to add a valve and a plastic pipe to the jar. Water comes out in a small jet when lifted with the wrists so your hands don't touch the valve.

Since the Canacla is so BEAUTIFUL, it looks good in the dining room or restaurants, in places where there are often no faucets for washing hands. You will find that you, your children, staff or WHOMEVER, will WASH YOUR HANDS MORE OFTEN since it is so accessible! Washing your hands is no longer a hidden act, done a few times a day in another room far away from other people... instead of 'I am going to wash my hands' it turns into 'I WASH MY HANDS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW & AT ONCE!'

This is the BEAUTY of Canacla and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this system, particularly if you live in places where personal hygiene and handwashing is minimal. The Canacla decreases the risk of contamination (Cholera), the 'disease of unwashed hands.'

In addition, you don't have to touch dirty faucets after washing your hands. This is where many germs breed.

Also, using the Canacla decreases your overall water bill as well. On average, to correctly wash your hands under the faucet, we average three liters of water, (3,000 ml), using the Canacla, you barely use 100 ml of water. It's easier to achieve the 30 seconds of friction necessary for correctly washed hands using this method, and after rinsing the hands, the flow of water stops automatically. You simply remove your wrists from the valve (without the need for your freshly washed hands to touch the faucet, a truly dirty object)!

After washing, simply air dry your hands - that's the most hygienic and ecological method, by shaking them and avoid wiping hands on a hand towl already used by other people.

Frequent use of the Canacla in conjunction with AfricanHerbal antiseptic LIQUID black soap to sanitize and clean your hands, will cut down DRASTICALLY incidents of hand borne viruses being passed along between children, resaturant employees and most importantly, YOUR FAMILY!

Email Dr Benoit Vanhercke at for more information and details!


Dr Vanhercke with his REVOLUTIONARY CANACLA Handwashing Fountain!

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Taken: May 09, 2009
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