MOTORSCOOTER RENTALS in Senegal by SenegalStyle!

On holiday in Dakar and want to actually SEE the city instead of idle aimlessly along in traffic? ME TOO! I'm Sineta George and I own a Bed & Breakfast here in Senegal. I'm AMERICAN and came over here a little of 10 years ago as a TOURIST... fell in love with the country, went back home, packed up my kids and we've been here ever since! The kids are grown now and it's MY TURN to be a KID AGAIN!
30,000cfa a day - 100,000cfa deposit
Paperwork needed: a copy of your passport, driver's licence and proof of insurance
For Reservations Online:
PAYPAL BOOKING: All Major Credit Cards
By Telephone:
SKYPE NAME: JembeQueen
OUT OF COUNTRY: 011 221 777 915 469
IN COUNTRY: 221 777 915 469
FIXE LINE from HOTEL: 338 689 668
I'm having such a GREAT TIME with my scooter organizing tours for our visitors (I pop you on the back of my bike and OFF WE GO!) Only 15,000cfa for two hours our SenegalStyle MotorScooter Tour is listed by as THE BEST THING TO DO in Dakar! Ahead of Goree Island!
and a link to our TOP RATED Bed & Breakfast reviews if you haven't yet found a place to stay. Budget priced and economical in a CLEAN, friendly ENGLISH SPEAKING environment, SenegalStyle Guesthouse not only serves breakfast, but DINNER AS WELL, and greatly reduces your expenses while bebopping around Dakar! Lunch you can eat out and enjoy the various local Senegalese cuisines, and here, we SPECIALIZE in SOUTHERN AMERICAN SOUL FOOD...! We're the only place in town to get cornbread and potato salad and if you've been travelling around the country or throughout Africa and will ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY SELF DESTRUCT if you have to eat ANOTHER PLATE of FISH AND RICE... belive me, you'll appreciate SENEGALSTYLE! haha!
Read our reviews, and look at our website guestbook - you'll see we're regular folks just like you so if you're looking for good value for your money and living on a budget, come HOME to SENEGALSTYLE!
Email me at at LEAST a MONTH IN ADVANCE of your trip to confirm your accommodation.
Just scroll up to our SenegalStyle Bed & Breakfast album or click the link below to see room accommodations and photos of SenegalStyle along with guest pictures, pictures of previous SenegalStyle MotorScooter adventurists, our SenegalStyle FRENCH LANGUAGE SCHOOL participants (if you need lessons, we have wonderful private tutors at literally HALF THE PRICE of the French Institute!), and SenegalStyle VOLUNTEERS for people who want to do a bit of GOOD while they PLAY and SEE SENEGAL!
We also arrange WONDERFULLY FUN SenegalStyle DRUMMING LESSONS on the BEACH with our Master Percussionist and Drummaker, IBRAHIMA SENE! Scroll up for pictures or open another window and cut and paste this link:
His band, Africa DjembeFola practices Monday - Thursday and if you're already a pretty good player, he'll invite you to come jam with them later!
1. Email Sineta at for accommodation availability IMMEDIATELY! We stay booked at least a month in advance. 15,000cfa a night per person (INCLUDING MEALS!) - about $30, subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate.
2. Schedule a SenegalStyle MotorScooter Tour of the city so you know where to go and what to see later. This will keep you from wasting your time while you're here. I've never understood people that spend $2,000 to come here and then don't want to spend $30 for local people to show them where everything is. They prefer to amble around getting lost while holding a Lonely Planet (with inaccurate maps) aloft like it's the Holy Grail! Then all the tourist touts come harrass you because you don't know where you're going. They can spot an outsider, no matter the nationality, a mile away!
Discounts for SenegalStyle Guests!
15,000cfa for 2/2.5 hrs. They sometimes go longer because we visit museums, go up a volcano...yes!, and I show you the best non-tourist beaches, beautiful houses, and ride the coastline, going into the city and show you how to get around on public transportation (or RENT A SCOOTER!)
3. READ MY JOURNAL SECTION! On the left hand side of this page is 'My Journals' with informative information about Senegal in general and Dakar in particular.
4. Schedule our Airport Pickup Service WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR ROOM. 10,000cfa before 11pm and 12,500cfa after 11pm. My son Jonathan who speaks English, French and Wolof (and a bit of SPANISH as well!) will meet you as you arrive and get you sorted with money, telephone cards and whatever else you need at the airport before going into the city.
Believe it or not, you get better exchange rates at the airport than you will at a bank, hotel or money change bureaus in town.
Be sure to READ MY JOURNALS though about bringing money it. Better to open a Paypal account and bring an atm card (they only charge $1 per transaction) and withdraw money out of the atm at the airport in local currency.
5. If you KNOW HOW to drive a scooter, RESERVE A SCOOTER ahead of time. You won't have to pay for it then but it will give us a heads up to keep one aside for you when you arrive. 30,000 cfa a day
IF SCOOTERS AREN'T YOUR THING - we can arrange a rental car WITH DRIVER for 35,000cfa up to 3 people. So if you're travelling in pairs or with a group, this is another PERFECT WAY to see Dakar, without spending alot of money. Split 3 ways, it's about $12 each!
6. If you're a student and need FRENCH LANGUAGE LESSONS, be sure to let me know so I can get everything set up for you ahead of time. The price is 320,000 cfa a month, about $650USD, 5x a week, 4 hours a day (2 hours class time, 2 hours homework) which INCLUDES TOURING to use your language skills every Tuesday & Thursday. We also have a class for 3x a week, 4 hours a day with the same classwork/homework mix, but no touring. Email me at for more details.
7. If you want to VOLUNTEER TEACH ENGLISH, let me know and PLEASE OH PLEASE keep your committment if you agree! Senegal is a francophone country as you know but everyone who goes to school learns english - but it's not very good sometimes. So many people want to improve their skills and just need CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH to help them out. You don't have to be a teacher, just a willing participant in a CROSS-CULTURAL CONVERSATION while you're here! You will be enriched by the experience and GAIN A FRIEND as well!
8. DRUMMING LESSONS ON THE BEACH! Schedule this now, as well. Ibou will meet you and bring along loaner drums. This is SO MUCH FUN and if you don't have RHYTHM... don't worry! You'll have it by the end of the lesson and you may want to continue with more!
10,000 cfa for SenegalStyle Guests, for 2 hours, 15,000cfa for non-guests.
9. Visit LAKE ROSE or PINK LAKE! It's REALLY PINK if you go in the morning and we have a car and driver to take you there and keep all the TOURIST TOUTS AWAY! There is also a TURTLE FARM & RESERVE about 3 miles away that he will take you to as well.
Having a local person with you to negotiate or run interference will make your trip more enjoyable. Sometimes the tourist hustlers can be a bit aggressive. Better to have a big guy to keep them away than spend half your time walking away in aggrivation or arguing with them to leave you alone.
Car & driver, 35,000 cfa for the entire day plus lunch and a drink for your guide.
10. This will give you a good introduction to Dakar and the ways of the people, transportation systems and what you want to do where. Afterwards you can work out your own itenary of the places you saw briefly on your SenegalStyle MotorScooter or Car Tours and go back. I have lots of ECOTOURISM SITES and other brochures I've collected from places outside of the city, like St Louis, Saly Pordugal, Casamance that will help you work out a logical PLAN of where to go and what to see.
Again, spending alot of money coming here and then wasting 3 or 4 days getting lost or stuck in traffic is what 95% of tourists do.
Just a BIT of ADVANCE PLANNING with SenegalStyle Tour 'Guidance' will make your trip so much nicer and hassle free!

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