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December 2007
It's been a trying year...of all the life changes that occured for me this year, I'm certain that wearing my natural hair was one of the proudest decisions I made. You all have been very encouraging and super nice! Thank you very much. Happy Holidays!!
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November 2007
I've been neglecting my hair this month; I haven't done a DT at all, and I started using SSF more. Winter is coming and I need to find a good (and cute) protective style ...maybe a sew-in? Not sure. I'll be looking at your albums for inspiration! Thanks Ladies!
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October 2007
Hair is growing alot. I'm cowashing every two days. Using my kinky coily and that's pretty much it. Need to experiement on wearing my hair in different styles. Getting bored with puffs and fros. :)
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September 2007
Just started to wear out my fro! For a couple of years I was wearing it braided under a wig...So this is the begining... this month was an 'experimental phase' for me. Enjoy
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