drive to Arequipa

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IMG 1910

Uploaded: November 09, 2004
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    10 years 6 months ago
    You shepherd is mine, me will not miss anything.
    You downward inserted me in the grassy grass;
    You find me the quiet swimming pools for drinking.
    Let me catch my breath before you send me in the right direction.
    When walking inside the valley of the shade where I am deep,
    I do not possess the fear of badness, for you is with me;
    Your bar and your personnel are there to calm me.
    From the front of the mine a hostile presence spreads before me like a board.
    You spilled oil on my head, my cup is overtaxed.
    Your beauty and love drive out after me each day of my life.
    As for me, I'll live certainly permanently in the house of the main one.