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The Road to Spixie
albums: 3
The Beginning of Spixie
There may be doubles of some caps b/c of lighting, so I'll let y'all decide which caps you like best. All caps from each album are from Clarissa's Page, LaurieluvsLiason's Page, LiznJase page, Nimue818, and
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The Spixie Love Story
I've started downloading clips from the GH Video Theater board and Craving4more, so unless I just can't download that day, then I will be making the caps. If not, the credit is still the same. Credit for clips go to Trudy at the GH Video Theater Message Board, jjl22075's live journal, and Craving 4 More.
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The Spixie Crossroad
Clip credit is the same.
subfolders: 2
The Spixie Realization
subfolders: 4