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Gorgeous Sponsored Marabo Green Peppermint gown

This dress is absolutely beautiful and visible on the floor!!! Very current style; Skirt has unique design of diagonal ruffle to create volumn and moves super well on the floor. bodice fully covered by green and white Swarovski stones; necklace attached to the dress,Received many compliments from dance friends, teachers, and judges; fits ladies 5'3" - 5'9" (skirt can be shortened), size 2-6. comes with hair accessories, matching earrings.
You can view dress movement from here:
http://www.dancesizzle.com/CompetitionVideo/tabid/53/ctl/MediaPlayer/mid/375/currentitem/33/currentstrip/2/altmedia/flv/Default.aspx?path=2009 Competitions!Ohio Star Ball 2009!Amateur!Amateur Standard

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