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¡ It's my life !

1951-1963 My schools in Norway
Grade, junior and senior high schools
subfolders: 2
1965-66 Military and civilian life in Norway
Back home for National Service.
albums: 3
1966-1970 St. Gallen
Formal Studies of Economics and Business Administration at HSG
albums: 5
1971-72 Bendestorf
1971-72 Bendestorf, the rural village near Hamburg
albums: 2
1972-73 Auf der Harb
1972-73 Auf der Harb
albums: 2
1973-77 Kelkheim
1973-77 Kelkheim, near Frankfurt am Main
subfolders: 1 and albums: 8
1977-80 Frankfurt am Main
1977-80 Frankfurt am Main
albums: 4
1980-1994 Gravenbruch / Stuttgart
1980-1994 Gravenbruch / Stuttgart
albums: 11
1995 and on Dietzenbach
1995 and on Dietzenbach * Pictures from my little town of recidence
albums: 9
Stein Sjølie
The Cars I drove

The Cars I Owned or Just Drove Over the Years.