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1995 and on Dietzenbach

1995 and on Dietzenbach * Pictures from my little town of recidence

Stein Sjølie
2010 12 31 Gary's visit
  • Stein Sjølie
    2006-03 Renovating Apartment after 8 years

    As we moved in, 8 years ago, we were pressed for time, so we then did only a makeshift renovation. T ...more

    his time we made it right (including some practical changes that had proved necessary over the years.

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  • Stein Sjølie
    2005 -2006 Our midget hamsters

    Lisa, the white elf 33g,
    Sagolphe, the bull 66g
    Lizzy, "Mugel" grey topside 72g

    Se Nju (The New) also white -Will not sit still on the scale...

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  • Stein Sjølie
    2004-09 Halloween looms ahead
    Sep 3, 2004

    2004 Halloween looms ahead

    Our premature (?) pumpkin and the Pumpkin soup reciep.