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2007-06 02nd 'The Brickyard' Indianapolis Speedway Museum

A boy's dream on whels...
And what do real boys do to dreams on wheels?
- They bore them up a bit.

- And that's just what I did.

Stein Sjølie

1954 Mercedes-Benz W 196 "Monza" - Juan Miguel Fangio of Argentina won rhe World GP championship both 1954 and 1955 whith this type of car

Chassis: Mercedes-Benz
Engine: Mercedes-Benz 8 cyl in-line with the gearbox in the middle.
Bore: 76 mm
Stroke: 68.8 mm
Displacement: 2.496 litres
Power: Growing from 189 kW = 257 PS [= hp measured at the wheels] in 1954 - to 206 kW = 280 PS in the summer 1955

This car never ran at the brickyard, but it's nice to find it here.

One of the most famed racing cars of all times, the Mercedes-Benz W 196 was the World Champion of 1954 and again 1955. Even if there only was a driver' Championship back then and no "Constructors Championship", re-computing the figures according to the later rules, would bring out Mercedes-Benz at the top.

One of the features of this car was the positive valve control. The valves were not closed by springs, but rather by the camshaft, that had mutated from a "cam"-shaft to an "excentre"-shaft that would open *and* close the valves.
This prevented fluttering and secured closed valves on time, allowing for even higher rpms.

Note: The 'W' in the type number means 'Werkauftrag' = Factory Commission.
It is the only unambiguous notation for Mecedes-Benzes, Racing and Stock Cars alike.

Mercedes aficionados, and I'm one, never use the designation that is on the trunk, but always he 'W' number. Personally I have driven the
W 115, W 123, W 124, W 201, W 202, W 210, and I'm now using the W 168.

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Taken: June 02, 2007
Uploaded: May 09, 2009
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