New Haven, CT - Peabody Museum - A Big Green Torosaurus is in the neighborhood

The Peabody Museum is known worldwide for its dinosaur exhibits - The Peabody Museum is across from my office so each day I would take a couple photos of what was being created. Still the finishing touches have to be done and opening ceremonies will take place but here's a little for now.
I began snapping photos on August 17, 2005 and will continue throughout the project.

Okay, it's Saturday, Oct.22 and today was the "unveiling" for Greenie...even though it was raining and I missed the grand ceremony, I headed over to snap a couple pics of him. Here are his birthday shots.

The completed project - simply amazing for all to see as the drive along Whitney Avenue in front of the Peabody Museum, New Haven, CT.

  • ♥ Myra ♥ Premium user United Kingdom (Private)
    3 years 2 months ago
    Greenie in full glory
    He could give one a fright on a dark night   :-)
    • Susi484 Premium user United States (Private)
      3 years 2 months ago
      Myra - being that I haven't taken many photos this year I was working with old albums - I did get a couple photos yesterday of my 3 NewJersey boys and will post soon.  The pain in my fractured ankle keeps me from doing much of anything lately and I've got weeks of healing ahead of me.
      Thanks for stopping by to say hello.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    8 years 5 months ago
    Hello - how are you
  • Kevbo Premium user United States (Private)
    8 years 7 months ago
    Unveiling will take place middle of October
    But isn't fall a bad time to install new grass? It probably won't have time to properly take root.
    Ok - question for you - it was rolled out like a blanket - does that have roots?
    Glad you got back to me on this - very informative...
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