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The View - of New York

A day in the "city" for a view of "The View".... a TV talkshow that some might be familiar with and some might not. It was the most gorgeous weather - 90 degrees and sunshine all day... A walk around Times Square and a late lunch at the newest HardRock Cafe' before we head back home. Being in the city is a fun day everytime.

Annie Lennox performed her latest hit song

Annie Lennox performed her latest hit song

Uploaded: October 06, 2007
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  • Cocinero Premium user United Kingdom (Private)
    7 years 4 months ago
    Awww I'd have loved to see Annie Lennox sing. Lucky you.

    she said she hadn't been performing in a few years - was working in Africa on Aids program for children

    http://www.annielennox.com/ - - once in the site, click on the door to enter the house and check it out ...."The House of Me"...