My pic in Essence Hot Hair Magazine

Sugamama, stylist extraordinaire asked me to be one of her models for shoot for Essence. For my fave stylist, it was an honor. I never expected that my pic would be chosen because the models she used were gorgeous. I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank you!

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9/25/2010 Sugamama Extensions Plus Nat. Wavy

So it may have been the end of September, however, I decided to weave up for the remainder of 2010 I got tired of dealing with my hair and got bored of twisting it, or bunning it, and since I'm natural I try to avoid direct heat at all costs so I flat iron only once every 3 months. Prior to this install my hair was midback here's hoping for more growth and retention while I'm weaved up

UPDATE 12/26/10 - this weave is 3 months old and going strong. I'm not planning on taking it out until January 17th at the four month mark.*****

My install specs: EP Natural Wavy 9 ounces - with an EP closure. Length: 18 & 20 inches. Color: Dark Brown

The hair is like butter,it did take me a while to get used to the maintenance. I wash and condition 1x per week, depending upon whether I'm working out hard I may cowash. I let it air dry and sometimes I pin curl it for added volume. It holds a curl well if you use a holding spray. It is very light, bouncy and soft.....overall I love it. My only complaint would be that the hair doesn't lend itself to cowashing daily - it's a little more maintenance than that.

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***UPDATED*** My Growth Comparisons 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

A set of braid extensions gone bad sent me on my growth journey. I had to cut out 6-9 inches of my own hair tangled in with the synthetic braid. After I evened my hair up to neck length, I began wearing weaves.

Most of my length shots are wet pics, because I am on a personal challenge to limit direct heat (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons) on my hair to a maximum of 3x per year. When I'm out of my weave, my heatless styles of choice are: twist outs, braidouts, buns, and wash and gos.

*****On 1/23/10 - I went on a search and destroy mission and trimmed myself back to BSLish. I wound up trimming 3.5 - 4 inches.
*****5/5/10 my weave came out and I was pleasantly surprised, and according to my growth tracking shirt, I have a layer of my hair at one inch below MBL and the rest one inch below BSL. I'm very encouraged to continue weaving up for growth and stay away from scissors.

*****1/28/11 - I am 2 inches from my back layers being waistlength

*****SUMMER 2011 - TIME TO REGROUP AND REGROW - I TRIMMED MYSELF BACK TO BSL / MBL . My longest layer hits mbl.

Neck Length ------------12/21/07
Shoulder Length---------3/08
Arm Pit Length-----------5/08
Bra Strap Length --------11/08
Mid Back Length ---------7/09
4" from Waist Length......12/09
3.5 - 4 inch trim back to /APL/BSLish 1/10
Mid Back Length ---------5/2010 *not full
FWaist Length -------------- by ______??

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My Mini-me's Hair - Updated with BKT results from 12/26/10

My daughter has very thick, tightly curled hair, with massive shrinkage. She keeps her hair in braids 99.9% of the time. Her hair is 100% natural now - after doing a lot of mini big chops, it has grown out to a little below APL. Since mom did the chopping, her hair is in many layers...kinda like mine :-). Once the longest layer hits BSL we are going to perhaps BKT together.

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Long Beach Marathon 10/17/10

Ran my 9th marathon, not a personal best but I finished...even though my knees made me reconsider why the heck I torture myself. I met many inspirational folks along the way, including one man who was running his 120th marathon and he was in his late 50s. I met another man who was 74 years old and this was his 78th marathon and is training for an ultra marathon.....friggin' inspirational to say the least!

I want to run a marathon in every state before I die....thus far I have done Hawaii ahd California. In December I'm planning on running the Rock n' Roll marathon in Las I got 47 more states to

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Sugamama Bo Braz Partial Install - 12", 14" and 16" - 5/7/10

SPECS: Texturized the 16" hair, sealed the wefts, conditioned the hair, and then hennaed it so that it has a nice reddish hue like my own natural hair. The wefts were sealed with Dritz twice on both sides. Sugamama left a large horseshoe about 4" and my perimeters all around my head out for blending.

ROUTINE: cowash every other day, deep condish my hair and the weave 2X week, and of course use my MT/OCT/alma infused mix after every cowash.

***UPDATE*** At week 3 - I trimmed this hair, and it also began tangling like mad, so I started to use soybean oil to moisturize the hair while it is wet before I twisted it works really well. I don't think this batch of hair took too well to being texturized...oooh well you live and you learn.

DURATION: I'm hoping it will last 8-9 weeks and that I obtain and retain 2" of new growth while weaved up....keeping my fingers crossed ;-).

MY OWN HAIR: Current length before this install, is one layer at 1" below Midback and one layer at 1" below BSL.

GROWTH GOAL: I need approx. 4-5 inches for my layer at MBL to hit WSL, and I need about 7 inches for my layer at BSL to hit WSL.

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Bohyme Braz 14" Install w/ Horseshoe and Perimeter out - 2/12/10

Sugamama did it again!!! This is a full install with just a large horseshoe section out and my perimeters.

The hair specs: I texturized the Bo Braz for approximately 2 min. using Just For Me - I did it in sections - which seemed to take forever! Then I hennaed the hair while it was installed. Overall, I like this look. While my individual strands of my own hair are not as thick as bo braz - my hair is fine with lots of density, I think that with Bo Braz texturized, it blends better.

I sealed the wefts using Dritz, and it is still shedding - only when I co wash. My weave regimen is cowash daily if not every other day, then apply MT/amla mix to my scalp twist my natural hair using Vatika or amla oil, on the weave I use some condish and twist. End result no frizz, just nice curls!.

I love this hair and don't think I'll be returning to using Indian "doll hair", unless it's a full install with a closure.

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Sugamama Install - Bo Braz - 4 wefts/14" - 12/19/09

Sugamama did it again! I love this install!

Hair Specs:
1. Sealed the wefts on both sides with a generous amount of Aileen's Fray Block.

2. Hennaed the weave hair prior to install.

3. Sugamama only installed four tracks and
placed them primarily in the back.

4. My nape hair and behind the ears has been
left out, so I can pull this hair up into a high
high ponytail, bun, wear a french braid, or
wear it half up and half down.

My routine is to cowash at least 3x a week, I prepoo with Alma and Brahmi oils, then I wash with a Shikakai Shampoo Bar followed by a deep condish. Rinse and then apply Dabur Vatika coconut oil to my own hair and twist. To the Bo Braz I apply some EcoStyler Gel and twist - no frizziness there. I henna at least twice a month - both my own hair and the weave hair.

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Sugamama Weave Install of 9/26/09 to 12/05/09

So I lasted two whole months (since 7/25/09) without wearing my weave. I cowashed daily, hennaed a bunch, wore my hair in buns, braidouts and twists and avoided heat. I couldn't take it anymore (LOL), I missed my weave!!!

With this weave I plan on documenting my hair's before length and after the weave length, let's hope I gain about two or three inches in all my layers I hope this weave lasts until 12/27/09.

***Update, my closure started to bald - lol better it than my own hair - so this install had to be taken down on 12/05/09*** I got a total of 10 weeks out of it.

My hair is in layers with the longest layer being the nape...I guess my kitchen does really well :-) I tried to trim the "V" away, and my hair just naturally grows that I guess I can't fight nature, I'm going to let my hair do what it does best....GROW however, it wants to :-)

Weave regimen:
1. cowashing daily using VO5 moisture milks
2. applying my MT sulfur infused mix daily
3. DC twice a week
a. ORS/NTM on my tracks
b. Lustrasilk Cholesteral with olive oil
added on the weave
4. Clarify with ACV rinse - 3 parts ACV to
3 parts water

Weave Hair Stats: It's a full weave with closure, using Halley's Curls Virgin Curly and Virgin Wavy mixed, and the hair has been lightened.

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Twist Outs on Natural Hair

I decided that I had to do more with my hair than just a basic bun or braid outs. So I attempted a twist out on dry hair. It was interesting in that it lasted until the end of the day and then I had massive hair. The next night I decided to cowash my hair, then apply my Megatek on my scalp and work it through to the ends and begin to twist. After they were twisted, I sealed with coconut oil. The result was much better.

Twist outs on my natural hair which is MBLish leaves me with hair that grazes APL - shrinkage is something else. This just means that I have to grow my hair to WSL so that I can have twist outs at

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5/08, 8/08, 11/08, 3/09, 4/09, 8/09 Texture Shots

These are shots of my texture. First shot was taken on 5/08 and pre Megatek usage. The curl pattern is tight very defined.

Second shot was taken on 08/08 - my curl pattern has gotten looser.

Texture shot on 11/08 - no curlies - major growth which is good, but where have my curlies gone to? LOL

Last wet texture shot was taken on 3/09 - the curl pattern is gone, and now I have mostly waves.

Dry texture shot taken 4/09 - I never realized how hard this is to do on your own !!!!

While I love the growth benefits of Megatek and OCT - I do miss my little curlies....but I am also wondering

is it the frequent henna and the daily MSM that is doing this?

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My Henna-adventures :-)

This album is my adventures in the world of Henna. I love henna, it gives my hair lots of strength, my hair is extra shiny, and in the sunlight or any kind of light it has a hue of red/cognac in the sun and best of all it is a marvelous conditioner. I use henna on Kai's hair as well and it helps to darken his hair and keep it well conditioned.

My recipe consists of:
1. Henna from Afshan Mehndi Henna Powder from Pakistan - 2 boxes -
This henna is amazing and you can buy it here:

2. Coconut milk - 1 cup

3. Freshly brewed coffee boiling hot - which
helps to release the color of the henna and makes it even more intense - about 2 cups

4. Apple Cider Vinegar - about 1 cup

Mix all the ingredients together, let it sit overnight and then apply it to your hair let it sit for about 5 hours and then cowash two times. This henna powder is so fine that you will not have the traditional messiness, it washes out completely in two cowashes.

This recipe helps to smoothing out the frizzies and relaxing the curl,it also add thickness to your hair while conditioning it. It also adds intense shine to your hair.

I use henna every other weekend when I am out of my weave. I love the fact that it is all natural goodness for your hair!

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New Orleans Bike Week May 2009

So New Orleans had it's Bike Week, and the SO had to cover it. Of course, I tagged along but not for the bikes :-). While he was busy shooting bikes and the likes, I was going to the World War II museum, plantation tour, walking tours, shopping, and for early morning jogs along the Riverwalk Mall.

I so love New Orleans!!!

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Santa Maria May 2009 West Coast Kustoms Kruisin' Nationals

Memorial Day Weekend 2009 - West Coast Kustom Kruisin' Nationals was held at the Fairgrounds in Santa Maria. It was a freezing ride on the Harley dresser up the 101. Next time I will so wear my chaps. Despite the cold, there is nothing like being out on the freeway, sniffing my SOs freshly cowashed hair :-) as I sit behind him, admiring the scenery. The rolling hills of the Central valley remind me of a Van Gogh painting "The Harvest in Arles", it is so beautiful there. As we rode along the 101 freeway, you see miles and miles of vineyards, farmland, cows, horses, falcons, hawks and eagles flying above and the occassional deer coming down from the hills to graze.

From Santa Maria we rode down to Solvang had breakfast there, then onto Santa Barbara for a snack and finally dinner back home in LA.

Here are some of my favorite cars from the show as well as other pictures. Some were taken from the back of the bike as he drove along the 101 freeway.

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Huntington Lake - Sierra Nevada September 2009

We spent the weekend at Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevada which is at an elevation of about 10,000 feet. It was incredible, the sky was so clear at night that all the stars were visible...unlike in the LA smog. The lake water was blue green near the shore. I had such a great time that we didn't want to come back. All in all we rode for about 700 miles round trip that weekend and my butt (or no butt self) was very sore.

I truly was amazed at how beautiful everything was....too bad man always messes up a good thing...forest fires, pollution, etc.

Check out our ride through the Sierra Nevada,
what a blast:

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