Sugamama Weave Install of 9/26/09 to 12/05/09

So I lasted two whole months (since 7/25/09) without wearing my weave. I cowashed daily, hennaed a bunch, wore my hair in buns, braidouts and twists and avoided heat. I couldn't take it anymore (LOL), I missed my weave!!!

With this weave I plan on documenting my hair's before length and after the weave length, let's hope I gain about two or three inches in all my layers I hope this weave lasts until 12/27/09.

***Update, my closure started to bald - lol better it than my own hair - so this install had to be taken down on 12/05/09*** I got a total of 10 weeks out of it.

My hair is in layers with the longest layer being the nape...I guess my kitchen does really well :-) I tried to trim the "V" away, and my hair just naturally grows that I guess I can't fight nature, I'm going to let my hair do what it does best....GROW however, it wants to :-)

Weave regimen:
1. cowashing daily using VO5 moisture milks
2. applying my MT sulfur infused mix daily
3. DC twice a week
a. ORS/NTM on my tracks
b. Lustrasilk Cholesteral with olive oil
added on the weave
4. Clarify with ACV rinse - 3 parts ACV to
3 parts water

Weave Hair Stats: It's a full weave with closure, using Halley's Curls Virgin Curly and Virgin Wavy mixed, and the hair has been lightened.


IMG 1117

Taken: September 29, 2009
Uploaded: October 01, 2009
Captured with:
Canon PowerShot G10