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Mount Moriah, 12/08/10

Mount Moriah in it's core form is Heather McEntire and Jenks Miller. This show at Chapel Hill's Local 506 music club included a few musician friends who sometimes (or often) accompany her. Check and take a look at some of their excellent videos. ("Old Gowns" is my favorite, both musically and visually.) Better still, cue up that video, , and play the audio in the background as you view the photos in slideshow mode. For this, the standard interval is the fastest you will want to view, and you may even want to slow it down a bit. It's gorgeous, I promise.

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BIG NOTE about all my photos: I'm always having to transfer files for maxed-out computer space. It's usually difficult because I have a couple of hundred of folders -among thousands- that have partially-edited shows. This was one that, like many, had hours logged and only a few hours to go. I've been so moved by Mount Moriah's music lately that I wanted to spend another few hours today to post at least Heather's part of this December 2010 show. Like much of the work I post (sometimes on facebook, but normally just on Fotki), it is redundant in several places. Most of these photos are straight out of the camera, and I'd have liked to clean them up a bit. But rather than lose the public view of this altogether, I'm posting as is.

I hope you enjoy these and all photographers' photos. It, for me, is truly a privilege to witness our performing arts firsthand, and a joy and honor to celebrate our artists in this way.

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