The Wiley Fosters, at Local 506

This was a work in progress, in editing, pruning, & paring that I have not finished. The work I do for my primary hobby was finished a day or so after the show. I had a blast!, and loved many of the photos!

But to give photos to a group is a completely additional project for me, and takes far longer than I normally can take. [My asking a band to just run a digital or even tape recorder during a session and then present it as a finished cd is the parallel. You KNOW how long the process is for just getting a master for a cd. Same here.] And as much as I'd love to spend another many hours to edit further and post a finished product for others who have asked for a few photos, I don't have that time. I spend every spare minute I have IN shows themselves! Here in Chapel Hill, EVERY night of the week as a rule has multiple options; it isn’t just a “one show a week, or MONTH” here.

So, again, this is a work in progress that I may or may not pare down or edit. I hope you enjoy it!

IMPORTANT: all photos are copyrighted, of course. You can repost to facebook or to reverbnation only, and only if the copyright is included before the photo is republished "live". Let me know if you'd like to request any other use of them. Again, I hope you enjoy them. And go see The Wiley Fosters!

copyright: temples of grey

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Taken: July 25, 2011
Uploaded: October 19, 2011