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Months 4 & 5

Ok, here's an update of my weave/braids. My goal was two months and if my braids in the front stop falling out, I just might make it to Memorial Day! It has been great for me because I kept my hands out of my hair, a little better anyway. Talk about growth. I am beginning to see my texture and wave pattern and am tooo excited about what my hair future holds. I have almost 2 inches of total ng and I can't wait until the end of the year. I think I'll repeat this again for another two months. I washed/conditioned my hair every 1 1/2 weeks to keep moisture in and to condition it while protected. I also had some leave-in moisturizer that I used for my hair in braids and my natural ends that creeped their way out! That contributed to me needing to get it re-done sooner than I'd like. But hey, can't sacrifice my real hair for the weave, right?

It is true, the older the hair is the BETTER it looks. I thought I liked it when it was new, but oh no! I think I will give my head a break for a week and go right back to this. It worked so well, this might be my style for the rest of the year, or until my sister's wedding in November!

I'm watching you...don't steal my pics or I'm telling mama

NG standing up!

I wish so bad you could see the NG standing in this pic. My background colors block it, but if you squint reallllly hard you can..hahaha

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Uploaded: May 09, 2007
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    8 years 6 months ago
    I can see it!!! I have the same thing going on over here. Your texture is similar to my sis-n-law's hair.


    "I'm so excited!!!"