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2010 Hair

Welcome to a new decade and 2010! Happy New Year everyone! May you have the best time of your lives.

2010 Hair
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I decided to go into protective style mode. I sure hope I can go weeks without seeing, touching and feeling my natural hair! Got my hair braided at Beautiful Braids at 5353 Winchester Road in Memphis, Tennessee.

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  • thecreativelady
    Vaseline Experiment & Videos

    Since being natural, I abandoned certain prodcuts on "The List". I decided to use Vaseline again because I grew up using it on my hair and my mom and grandmother STILL use it on their hair and all is well.

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  • thecreativelady
    Winter 2010-2011
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  • thecreativelady
    Fall 2010

    Beginning Fall 2010, my hair updates will now be grouped by season. If anything happens hair-wise, I will update as often as needed. Thanks!

    I'm also embarking on a personal challenge. I'm using Vaseline to seal my ends. I will discuss the findings on my YouTube channel around Thanksgiving. I'm not encouraging anyone to join me on this rebellious experiment! LOL. I decided to do this after speaking to my 90 year old Grandmother who still uses Vaseline on her natural hair. I will only apply it to the ends and not my scalp or hair strands. Stay Tuned!

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  • thecreativelady
    Fun Photos
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