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Natural Journey: Months 13-24

Karma Is Real... Do Not Steal!
Months 18 ~ 24

I'm pretty busy with school/work/life so I will update as often as I can. Yeah yeah, I know, you've heard it all before but I really am trying to do better. Haha (Wait, should I be laughing at the end of that statement?)

I do find enough time to spew a bunch of randomness on twitter though - follow me (if you dare ~ muahahahahaaaa) @ThisIsTia_NY

  • Karma Is Real... Do Not Steal!
    Months 13-17

    And so it begins... the fun that is.:) I.LOVE.MY.HAIR. <~ I just had to get that out. lol Since I have more hair 'experience' under my belt (and length), I'll be more into experimenting. I'll try to take before, after and at least 1 'day 2-3' pic (that is, if the style permits). I need to keep track of my 'dos (and don'ts)... lol