The beginning - metallic church of Grecia

The beginning - metallic church in Grecia
The Cathedral de la Mercedes is the centerpiece of Grecia - small city northwest of San Jose. The church at the center is made entirely of metal, and it was built 106 yers ago. The parishoner's decided to construct their church of metal after two previous churches had been destroyed. The first church, was made of brick and adobe, but was destroyed by a strong earthquake. Shortly after that church was rebuilt, this time of wood, it burned to the ground. Therefore, it was decided that the third church would not be built of materials so easily destroyed, and the order was placed for a church made of iron that would resist earthquakes, and could not burn.

The story goes that Grecians commissioned a European architect to design a church for them of metal. The plans approved, orders where submitted to have the pieces of this church to be prepared and shipped to Costa Rica, from northern Europe. However, when all the metal pieces arrived in Limon on the Caribbean coast, the money was used up shipping them to Grecia. The pieces were stored at various places in Coasta Rica, until finally, after about a decade, the parishoner's commissioned the architect to come to Costa Rica (to Grecia) to supervise its construction.

The Cathedral de la Mercedes is a gothic style church made from metal pieces that were imported from Belgium in the 1890’s.

Tatiana Parmeeva


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