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Boost Machine and N75 stuff

Version 2: Pneumatic/Electronic controls: The Boost Machine

Combination of a pressure relief valve (controls creep and onset) and a coarse and fine pressure regulator (controls the boost signal) in combination with the stock N75 seems to be the magic combo. One way valve paralleling the regulators dumps wastegate signal on shifts or vacum for instant spool-up when back on the gas. Boost levels adjustable as well as boost onset. Go here for a complete article on this system:


Good explanation of how it all works here:

Link to Original Modshack webpage and tuning instructions:

Spiking explained:

No longer produced, but email me for a parts list if you want to DIY

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N75 upgrade and Manual Boost control regulaor...

Plumbed in is a 0-30 PSI pressure regulator between the N75 boost line and the N75 body. Left wide open, this will pass all boost and N75 will work as designed.

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