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Diverter Valve Relocation

the great majority of the time you're recirculating air ie: the DV is open and dumping hot air from right off the turbo exit pipe back into the intake. By relocating the DV to just before the Throttle body, you're now recirculating cool air that has already passed through the intercoolers. You're also depressurizing the system at the point of obsruction (The throttle body), not the whole intake tract from the current dump point. Benefits:

Cooler eventual intake temps
Faster DV response
Less turbo spool down on shifts and off throttle
No heat related problems with the DV

This pretty much became a default mod for the Audi TT guys..

Parts list:
DV relocation harness:

1 x 000 979 134 A: wire (x1)
1 x 000 979 133 A: wire (x1)
1 x 1J0 973 722 A: Connection housing to DV
1 x 1J0 973 822 A: Connection housing to harness

BSH Throttle body inlet pipe with DV relo port

Relocation Adapter for stock (electric) diverter Valve 2.0T FSI:

3 bolt style 2.0T FSI/TSI Block-off flange (plug) for stock diverter valve:

1.5" silicone 45 degree:

1.5" coupler:

1.5" to 1" stepdown:

2.5" T hose:

1" double barb connector (local)

1" x 4' Silicone return hose: search Aeroduct

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