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Intercooler Cooling and monitoring

Fan Cooling

Spal 6.5 inch fans for low speed intercooler cooling. Eventually speed controlled (as well as Manual control) will be employed for high temp summer cooling for typical commuter conditions. Available through Testing after installation has yeilded marginal results. It does assist with the intercooler mister when stationary though. Project abandoned due to no measurable temperature changes.

Update: These proved to be pretty ineffective. They've been removed, and one fan has been recycled into the oil cooler in the ight side SMIC area...

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Temp monitoring

These are Jascar extended range digital temp gauges. They have the capability of reading min/max extremes as well as audibly warning when set temps are reached. Probes to be mounted in the inlet and outlet tubes of the FMIC to monitor IC temp conditions and relative cooling efficiencies with the various cooling projects. Monitoring under normal town driving condidtions indicated efficiencies of the FMIC in the low 90% range. Available for about $18 each through
Write-up here:

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Labtronics intelligent Mister

The intelligent mister install was based on the tech articles at The 5 part series articles will completely explain the operation and effectiveness of this mod. Cost to the US including nozzles was about $185.
VW GTI install, and charts here:

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