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TTDA (discontinued) and other intake ideas and experiments..

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Modshack #4: TTDA Mark 3 Final model

I refined some construction details to streamline things a bit and improved the insulation qualities. The phenolic tube is now wrapped inside with a layer of double foil air entrapment insulation. This has proven to be a better insulator. Tubes are now powdercoated in a variety of finishes and colors. TwinTube intakes now are mounted inside the endcaps, giving a freer flow as well. Go to for full specs, prices and information
5/20/05: New composite endcaps added

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TTDA colors and finishes..
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TTDA Installs from around the world!

Send me your Pics! Over 400 TTDA's in circulation in 17 countries around the world. Here's some install pictures!

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Feeding the TTDA...

Preferred method of feeding the box with pressurized cool air. Only possible on 180's and 225's with FMIC's, but other variations on this theme yeild good results as well. Positive pressure measured INSIDE the airbox from about 40MPH on up at steady state cruise..

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Modshack #5: Superinsulated TTDA (optional)!

Started experimenting with a new insulation sandwich today. Koolmat wrap inside the Phenolic tube, with the overlay of fiber/foil blanket. On a 68 degree day, I brought the skin temp of the phenolic up to 149 (approx engine compartment heat levels) and measured the inner foil skin temp at 72. Static tests of course, but an indicator of the heat resistance of this construction technique

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Modshack #3: Mark 2 TTDA (TwinTubeDynamicAirbox)

After proving the viability of the pressurized airbox I decided to improve on the materials used with the goal to reduce any heat issues that would be a problem with the Tin can come summer. I sourced some larger diameter (7.5 inch) Phenolic tube (model rocket parts) which will be wrapped in Koolmat and then covered in Carbon Fiber. his should be strong, look very cool, and be very efficient thermally.

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Modshack #2 Pressurized airbox (Prototype of the TTDA)

The original "Twin Tin Dynamic Airbox" This thing rocks. Cool air all the time, immediate response, and no losses or lag through feed hoses. The faster you go the better it gets....
See this autospeed article for more info on "negative Boost" and how to banish it...

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Modshack #1 CAI fabrication: Experimental

While this worked real good at totally banishing heat from the intake tract, the introduction of a relatively long feed to the filter resulted in some loss in boost (2 psi) due to intake restrictions and the 2.5 inch hose limitation. I was going to clean up the flow with Silicone pipe, but have now abandoned this plan. I did figure out how to get a second feed to the airbox area though...

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Cold Air Intake/LLtek mods: The early days

Running an open element filter led to heat soak on hot days. No getting around the fact you're sucking hot engine compartment air in no matter how it's heat shield is configured. The Insulated blanket and cool air feed helped a lot and provided inspiration for the next generation...

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