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I am on a journey to overall health and wellness.

190 here I come
I usually weigh myself once a week - usually on Friday's. No more than that. As I get deeper into my journey I will change to weighing myself every other week or so. I base my weight release more on inches lost - from measurements and as well as how my clothes fit. However, I keep track of the measurements on and I think it would be too time consuming for me to put it on here as well. I am 5'9 and the way I am built I think 190-195 would be a good range for me. My legs and upper torso are pretty solid and I am bigger on top. My inner thighs, abdomen and sides and are where I carry most of my weight - so with the release of fat from those areas I think 190 is a good goal to shoot for. Once I get there, then I'll be able to gauge where to go from there. Weigh Ins: Past HW: 300+ Starting weight: 279 May 2008 - 268 June 2008 - 265.6 Sept 2008 - 258 **need to update this**
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