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Fotki friends visiting Europe...and me! :)

Pictures taken from and for Fotki friends visiting Europe and meeting!!!

copyright by viviane-21st century
Album 4 meeting Jan in Nijmegen!
  • copyright by viviane-21st century
    Album 1 for/from GaryGS1 and Peter Molenaar

    Sunday August 13th: Peter Molenaar is driving Gary to my place and we will all have diner together.

    Monday August 14th: visiting Heusden
    and Woudrichem

    Tuesday August 15th: National Park Biesbosch
    and Kinderdijk

    Wednesday August 16th : Antwerp, Belgium

    Thursday August 17th : lazy day! talking, resting, eating, drinking....

    Friday August 18th: driving Gary to Breda Trainstation...and off he Brussels!

  • copyright by viviane-21st century
    Album 2 showing Gary around in Antwerp

    want to learn more about this great city? Have a look here, it is in English!