National Parks

US Nat'l Parks since 1974 in film/slides & digital since 1998. Early tours always seemed to be rushed with never enough time for good photos. Return trips will hopefully provide more opportunities to capture the splendor of our great national parks.

Crater Lake NP, Oregon
Visits in 1974 & 2001
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Glacier Bay NP, Alaska
Two visits to this amazing place. 2000 & 2010

The marine wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve includes tidewater glaciers, snow-capped mountain ranges, ocean coastlines, deep fjords, and freshwater rivers and lakes.
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Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana
Visited in 1991 & 1997. Brian contributed photos from a 2005 trip.
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Grand Teton NP
Always worth a return trip
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Mt Rushmore NP
Black Hills & Badlands of SD

Even after the carving of the faces of the four American presidents, the mountain retains its former name. The faces of four American presidents - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln - are carved from this mountain of stone in South Dakota's Black Hills. Over the past ten years, the Memorial has undergone extensive redevelopment work that has included updating the visitor facilities. Now at the Memorial, there is a Visitor Center, a Museum, and a new access path to the huge stone sculpture. The access path is known as the Presidential Trail. The Presidential Trail consists of an easy hiking trail with areas of boardwalk that allow the visitor to get close to the sculpture.

Sculptor Gutzon Borglum began the project in 1927 at the age of 60 and the work continued until his death in 1941. Borglum's passion for this project kept the work going even during the lean times of the Great Depression. Nearly 400 men helped to carve Mount Rushmore. Each worker was paid an average of 50 cents to $1.50 an hour. Total cost of the project was just under $1 million. Carving tools included dynamite and jackhammers to remove excess rock; small drills, hammers and wedges to pry off remaining rock; and air hammers to smooth the surface. The actual design of the sculpture had to be changed at least nine different times due to the natural contour and effects in the rock.

Each granite face measures 60 feet (18 m) from forehead to chin. The Presidents' noses are 20 feet (6 m) long and their mouths 18 feet (5.4 m) wide. The mole on Lincoln's face measures 16 inches (40.6 cm) across.
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Rocky Mt NP, Colorado
1988,2005,2007 Three trips so far and more to come in 2011.

This living showcase of the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, with elevations ranging from 8,000 feet in the wet, grassy valleys to 14,259 feet at the weather-ravaged top of Longs Peak, provides visitors with opportunities for countless breathtaking experiences and adventures.
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Smoky Mt NP
Several visits to the Smokies -1977 to 2006
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Yellowstone NP
People have been visiting and
living in the Yellowstone area for thousands
of years. The park was established in 1872.
Visit Mammoth Hot Springs to walk the
self-guiding trail around Fort Yellowstone,
which chronicles the U.S. Army’s role in
protecting the park. Other historic sites
include the Norris Geyser Basin Museum,
the Museum of the National Park Ranger,
Obsidian Cliff, and the Old Faithful Inn and
Historic District.
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Wayne Rasmussen, 1994
Acadia NP
Sep 6, 1994

Acadia NP - Bar Harbor, Me
Sep 1994 - Scanned from 4x6 prints shot with Nikkormat or Ricoh 35mm

The First National Park East of the Mississippi River


People have been drawn to the rugged coast of Maine throughout history. Awed by its beauty and diversity, early 20th-century visionaries donated the land that became Acadia National Park. The park is home to many plants and animals, and the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Today visitors come to Acadia to hike granite peaks, bike historic carriage roads, or relax and enjoy the scenery.

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  • w l rasmussen 2011
    Arches NP, Utah
    Jul 11, 2005

    SW desert rock formations in Arches and a visit to Colorado Nat'l Monument Park - it was too hot for ...more

    Dead Horse SP. This was after Salt Lake City & the BHS convention. It also included Black Canyon of the Gunnison & Rocky Mt NP on the way home.

    Arches National Park preserves over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, like the world-famous Delicate Arch, as well as many other unusual rock formations. In some areas, the forces of nature have exposed millions of years of geologic history. The extraordinary features of the park create a landscape of contrasting colors, landforms and textures that is unlike any other in the world.

    (12 still missing 2/2/2013)

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  • w l rasmussen 2011
    Black Canyon of the Gunnison
    Jul 12, 2005

    Colorado in the summer - stops at Colorado Nat'l Monument, Gunnison, Crested Butte & Rocky Mt Park

    The Black Canyon of the Gunnison's unique and spectacular landscape was formed slowly by the action of water and rock scouring down through hard Proterozoic crystalline rock.

    No other canyon in North America combines the narrow opening, sheer walls, and startling depths offered by the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

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  • Wayne Rasmussen 1990
    Grand Canyon NP
    Jun 20, 1990

    Rafting the Grand Canyon from Colorado to Lake Mead. Trip of a lifetime with my son, Brett and Jerry ...more

    & Dirk Larson.
    Krista & Marcie got there in 2003 from Vegas

    Most of my Fotki pics have gone- check here

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  • Wayne Rasmussen, 1997
    Mt Rushmore NP-Badlands
    Jan 1, 1997
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  • Wayne Rasmussen 2001
    Rainier NP
    Oct 11, 2001

    Quick fall view of Rainier NP in October of 2001. Overnight snow provided great views in the morning ...more


    Mount Rainier is an active Cascade volcano encased in over 35 square miles of snow and glacial ice. The 14,410’ mountain is surrounded by lush old growth forests, spectacular subalpine meadows and a National Historic Landmark District that showcases the "NPS Rustic" style architecture of the 1920s and 1930s.

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