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July 23-26

Not a great week for #90
Jul 23 - West Union USMTS -6th place
Jul 24 - Elko - USMTS - DNF - tire
Jul 25 - Deer Creek - 5th place
Jul 26 - Dodge Co - DNF courtesy #42



Heat race at Deer Creek was won by Steve handily, but he drew 11th position for the feature

EZ Fabricating USRA Modifieds

Feature - Jason Cummins, Brad Waits, Mike Sorensen, Nate Wasmund, Steve Wetzstein, Shawn Peterson, Bobby Swanson, Joel Alberts, Josh Reisch, Jeff Rollinger, Dwaine Hanson, Mick Glenn, Greg Jensen, Ryan York, Lance Hofer, Russ Quinnell, Terry Timmerman, LeRoy Scharkey, Todd Scharkey, Josh Mattick, Tyler Clark

Heat 1 - Sorensen, Swanson, Waits, Glenn, Scharkey, Jensen, L. Scharkey

Heat 2 - Wasmund, Alberts, Cummins, York, Reisch, Rollinger, Quinnell

Heat 3 - Wetzstein, Clark, Mattick, Peterson, Timmerman, Hanson, Hofer

Uploaded: July 27, 2009