Insects and Spiders

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    4 years 5 months ago
    IMG 2069
    Nice shot--I see you're using flash and while it's great to light up these guys--infinitely easier to photograph--I've done it myself, you might want to try dialing down your flash a little bit if your camera allows. You might get a slightly more "natural" looking light if you try that.
    We got there early in the morning - and when I captured this image the light was poor.  Trust me the only way to get this image at this time, while it was trying to warm itself was to use the flash.  Suppse I could tinker with it some in PSE - appreciate te advice.
  • 4 years 5 months ago
    Honey Bee Navigating Lagustrom Blooms
     After death of my dad (he was beekeeper), about ten years I was keeping his bees (about 15 beehives) and I know, what special and beautiful they are. This your shot of bee in action is really awesome. One of my dreams in photography is someday to take such photo of bee.