Blue Angels 2007 - Day 1


PLEASE READ: Blue Angel Pilots if you view these photos keep in mind they were taken from the parking lot and not show center. I arrived just as you started that day. I did not have a chance to get into the fair and show center. You may see part of the fair equipment in the photos too. With this in mind remember that you may no longer be in formation when the photo was taken. I wouldn't want you guys to look at these and think that you were way off on your placement. I do not like the photos from that day because I arrived late and did not have a good chance to set up my camera properly.

Since there are so many photos from each day the easiest way to view is using the slideshow feature. What I suggest is writing down the number of your favorite photos and then go back to them for review. Keep in mind that the slideshow feature may crop some of the photos from their actual size. Please view them individually to see the whole photo if cropped. If you see something you want printed from that day or any other, I would be glad to do it for you. LCDR Winkler has my contact information. You can try to save and print these photos but they will likely look bad. I will provide you HI-RES copies of the photos or prints. I have quickly color corrected and cropped these photos to get them up for you to see. They are LOW-RES photos to save time on uploading. This is the case for all the 2007 photos in all folders.




IMG 7548

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Taken: September 01, 2007
Uploaded: September 04, 2007
Captured with:
Canon EOS D60