Tivoli – Villa d’Este

The Villa d'Este is a villa situated at Tivoli, near Rome, Italy. The villa and its wondrous gardens were built from 1570 AD by Cardinal Ippolito d'Este. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it is a fine example of Renaissance architecture and the Italian Renaissance garden. The masterpiece Italian-style garden, the innovative and tasteful landscaping, the bewildering 500 fountains, water jets and water plays, the troughs and pools, the cascades, the grottoes, the views, made it a world-acclaimed sight, and an early much-copied model for the development of European gardens.

  • Orly Yahalom Israel (Private)
    3 years 6 months ago
    Hi Yair, 

    A truly excellent last album from your wonderful trip. 
    Beautiful captures of the architecture, gardens, fountains, reflections, rainbow... Many lovely decorative details and one great panorama.

    I've been to Tivolli some 15 years ago, but the weather wasn't good. Great to see it anew this way. 

    Happy Passover,

    • Ykarelic4 Israel (Private)
      3 years 6 months ago
      Orly, thanks for the visit! I visited Tivoli about 35 years ago and I was more impressed than in this visit. Maybe because I was a kid? maybe because it was at night when everything was full with colorful lights? Probably both but also since they have a problem with maintenance and not all fountains work these days.Still, it's a beautiful place and I enjoyed very much the visit there.  Happy Passover! Yair