Model Room Remodel

Ever since I bought this house I have had to work around this old furnace. My home was built in 1921 and the furnace has a build date of 1921 on it. I was told that it was originally a coal furnace. Was also told that the way it was done, back in the day, Was to pour the basement for the house, then lift furnace into place with crane, then build house. That all makes sense to me weather it's true or not. Anyway it eats up about half of my model building shop, so it's history. I have an old friend with some time on his hands and we are going to cut it into bite size pieces and haul it up the stairs "One Piece at a Time" . Then we will bust up the concrete mounting pad and then do whatever we need to do to make the floor level. Either new concrete or some of the self leveling epoxy they have out there now. This is really gonna help me get all my stuff in one place.


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Taken: February 18, 2012
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