Muscat and Sohar, Oman

Muscat (Arabic: مسقط, Masqaṭ) is the capital and largest city of Oman. It is also the seat of government and largest city in the Governorate of Muscat. Known since the early 1st century CE as an important trading port between the west and the east, Muscat was ruled by various indigenous tribes as well as foreign powers such as the Persians and the Portuguese Empire at various points in its history. A regional military power in the 18th century, Muscat's influence extended as far as East Africa and Zanzibar. As an important port-town in the Gulf of Oman, Muscat attracted foreign tradesmen and settlers such as the Persians, the Balochis and Gujaratis. Since the ascension of Qaboos bin Said as Sultan of Oman in 1970, Muscat has experienced rapid infrastructural development that has led to the growth of a vibrant economy and a multi-ethnic society.
I've spent only two days in Muscat, and did not have enough time to see it.

Second Visit...(photos with prefix OM...)

Some year and a half after my previous visit to Oman, it was necessary to go there again. This time I went to a small town called Sohar (some 200km north of Muscat). It was really pleasant experience to explore this part of Oman. Sohar is not so developed as Muscat, but it does not make it less interesting. I've met so many different people, and they all had one thing in common, amazing hospitality. Wherever I've been I was invited for lunch, dinner or (at least) a tea. It did not matter that I could understand just few words of Arabic, and that they hardly spoke any English. We could communicate easily. Needles to say that it was not necessary even to hire a taxi. There was always someone ready to drive me back to hotel.
By the way, I do not remember when was the last time I eat so tasty fruits as there. No pesticides, no chemicals, just pure nature ...




Uploaded: October 21, 2009
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    5 years 10 months ago
    ... chicken masala in this shop ??? ... well chicken masala is used by Indians mainly for the bbq chicken but I experienced that this spice is fantastically going along with lots of chicken curries as it is somehow sweet as well as spicy ... hope you got also some Gaham Masala which is one of my fav spice mixtures ...