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Drag Models
Here is a collection of drag related model subjects from shows and web sites from all over the world of model building. If you see your build(s) located here and you want your identity known drop me aline with the picture number and I will update the information. This album is designed to show my love of drag racing and all of the great builds that are found around the world. This album will be updated as new items are found. Check back often.
One new added note. I have the comments turned on for this album because it is very popular. But, I ask anyone that views this album that if they leave comments that they not bash anyone or be negative towards any models posted here. It's not fair to those whose models are pictured here. I will not tolerate it and those comments will be removed immediately. Thank you.
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Holeshot Resins
Shopping center for resin bodies and parts based around pro mod, fuel classes and other forms of drag related subjects.
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Mopar models
Nov 24, 2008

This album is dedicated to any and all Mopar models built by people from around the world.

Album was created 10 years 6 months ago and modified 1 year 2 months ago
Nascar Models

This album contains various buildups of Nascar models that I have been able to find record of throughout numerous model competitions across the U.S. and other assorted web sites. Please enjoy and if you see your model pictured here drop me a line and I can add your name to the picture.

Album was created 12 years 6 months ago and modified 1 year 3 months ago