My Projects
Some of my crocheting, knitting, sewing etc.

I tend to get carried away with projects ... like Cabbage Patch Doll outfits for my oldest granddaughter a few years ago.

Currently, I'm busy working on things for my new granddaughter and other family members.

More about my knitting and crocheting projects is included in my notebook at Ravelry.
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Large (1280X960) Pictures
Larger pictures, suitable for desktop wallpapers, sorted into 16 albums by subject plus an album of experiments in black and white.
albums: 17
Midsize (640X480) Pictures
These pictures are sorted in the same categories as the smaller pictures.
albums: 18
Small (400X300) Pictures
I use this size for jigsaw puzzles at Jigzone. Links to all the puzzles can be found
albums: 17
Avatars from my Photos
100X100 pixel pictures
albums: 7
Seamless Tile Backgrounds
I made these seamless background tiles either from my photos or clipart found online.
albums: 19
Pictures with Text
Some of my pictures with a greeting or quotation added to them.
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Family Photos Part 1
Family photos, new and old - up through 2008. Dates on pictures may not be accurate, but should be close. :-) Unfortunately, I didn't save originals when I first started taking digital pictures, so only have small copies of many pictures.
albums: 15
Family Photos Part 2
Photos from 2009
albums: 7
Family Photos Part 3
Family pictures from 2010
albums: 11
Family Photos Part 4
Family pictures from 2011
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Family Photos Part 5
2012 Family Photos
albums: 16
Family Photos Part 6
Family related photos 2013.
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Family Photos Part 7
Family and Home pictures 2014
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Family Photos Part 8
Pictures of family & home for 2015
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Photos for Others
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Working on It
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Temporary Photos
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