Adelaide Vegans
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Special Mentions
This is a collection of places special to us, places that hold many wonderful discoveries, yet places that often struggle through no fault of their own. They are often shunned because of past reputations, reputations kept alive by people that have never been there themselves, yet are all to willing to spread out of date fears and keep them alive. This is our way to try to put some of those wrongs right.
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Natures Abstracts, Textures and Artistry
This folder contains a collection of some of natures amazing ability to produce natural works of art.
albums: 3
The name says it all!
albums: 3
Birds & Critters
As the name suggests, this is a collection of birds and other animals and reptiles that have caught my eye.
albums: 4
Shattered Dreams
This is a collection of images of broken dreams.
Mainly tumbled down farm houses.
albums: 1