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Wappingers Falls

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Church Fire, 5/11/08

Last night (5/10/08) at around 9:30 PM we heard a explosion. A little later, some sirens. Then, around 5:30 this morning, there were so many sirens it actually woke me up. A little later, around 11:30 AM, my brother and I took a walk, and this is what we found. (My mom had found out the new church had blown up). As I'm writing and posting this on the day it happened, the details are not yet known but since it was an un-occupied still under construction it appears no one was hurt. This is right on the main road through Wappingers Falls, and the road is still closed hours later. At least 5 fire inspectors were on the scene, and even as we got there hours later it was STILL smoking and STILL being sprayed with water. Very scary stuff.

Taken: August 09, 2004
Uploaded: May 11, 2008
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Kodak DX6340 Zoom