Foreign cars- all except VW

My love of the American automobile is nearly endless (well, the blobs of the 2000s, maybe not!) but most foreign cars just don't do anything for me. Still, I have photographed quite a few of them- and those that I can identify by year and model are here. The cars that I do like are generally the ones I've photographed. The Austin in the album may be an American Austin, I am not sure how to tell them apart. The 1991 Suburu wagon was my dad's back up car for the last 5 or 6 years of his life- the tiny picture here, which I took in 2000, is the only photo we ever took of it.

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1971 Morris Panel

Taken: August 04, 2003
Uploaded: July 28, 2011
Captured with:
Kodak DX6340 Zoom