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91 was when NASCAR really started to hit the big time- Maxx was suddenly not the only company to produce cards. It's also the year that Racing Champions really started producing a lot of cars. A good year overall!

K&M, Pro Set and Traks all made their debuts, and ARCA got it's first card set. While ARCA is NOT a part of NASCAR, I'm including them anyway.

The 1991 Maxx set is in my opinion the greatest NASCAR card set ever. I have every card available, including promotional issues, as far as I know.

1991 Pro Set was the first set to ever include an autograph in the packs. I was lucky enough to pull one, surprisingly in silver ink. (Beckett lists them as black)

All photos are scans of cards in my personal collection. Not for sale. Email for tradelist.

1991 Vortex Comics #E3 (1)

Uploaded: October 01, 2015