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1993 was the first year that I actually watched the races, having discovered the sport with a big box of diecast at Christmas 1992. I also discovered that there were NASCAR cards available sometime early in 1993, although I don't know what was my first card...I didn't start keeping track of when I got the cards until 1998, and I didn't always remember to keep track of it as late as 2007. I wish now that I had, but it's lost to history.

93 saw the premier of Press Pass- never a company I was particularly fond of, they would turn out to be "The last man standing", being the only company to make NASCAR cards from 2001-current. Maxx also launched the Premier Plus line, a favorite of mine, made up entirely of chromium cards. Wheels and Action Packed, which issued promos only in 1992, both issued their first full sets in 1993. Action Packed was unique in that every card was embossed- does make them hard to stack, though! Pro Set changed it's name to Finish Line.

All photos are scans of cards in my personal collection. Not for sale. Email for tradelist.

1993 Action Packed #033 (1)

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