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Although I began collecting NASCAR cards in 1993, I liked the 1994 set designs a whole lot better and collected a lot more of them when new. The first box I ever opened of any trading card set was a retail box of Action Packed Series II purchased at the local Kmart.

Finish Line Gold, Hi-Tech Brickyard 400, Maxx Medallion, Maxx Premier Series, Optima and Power were the new sets on the year. Press Pass launched it's first premium product, VIP, which would have the second longest run of any card set, issued until 2009. (Only the flagship Press Pass has a longer run, since 1993) Skybox also issued it's only NASCAR set in 1994, although they produced the cards issued with Action diecasts in 1995 as well.

All photos are scans of cards in my personal collection. Not for sale. Email for tradelist.

1994 Action Packed Champ & Challenger #21 (1)

Uploaded: September 01, 2016