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1996...Maxx went out of buisness in mid-96, quickly purchased by Upper Deck, who basically always got it wrong from then on. UD's Road to the Cup was a fun set, though. LOTS of new sets in 1996. The 1994-97 time period had a lot of different sets, some of which I have not even been able to hunt down a card from yet, even.

In 1996, Press Pass became the first company...ever, in any put an actual relic in/on cards, when they issued the Burnin' Rubber series, made of portions of actual race tire. The insert is still produced today (as far as I know)

I distinctly remember ordering a box of UD Road to the Cup from QVC's For Race Fans Only. I also ordered a box of 1995 UD Series II, the first two NASCAR hobby boxes I ever did.

All photos are scans of cards in my collection. Not for sale. Email for tradelist.

1996 Racer's Choice Speedway Collection #071 (1)

Uploaded: June 01, 2017