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The 1990s are my all time favorite era in NASCAR history- and that all came to an end in 1999 (naturally!) but the racing also changed after 1999, for some unknown reason. I don't really remember 1999 all that well, unfortunatly- I believe that I watched every race, I just can't remember most of them. About the only one I remember well is the Bristol night race...

I didn't get many cards new in 1999. Most of them were added to my collection later, a large portion in a full 5000 count box I bought circa 2000. I did buy one pack of Press Pass...and pulled my first race used and serially numbered NASCAR card. It was the Bill Elliott Skidmarks paralell- where they put race used rubber shavings onto the card- and it was serially numbered 001/150 as well!

All photos are scans of cards in my collection. Not for sale. Email for tradelist.

1999 Upper Deck Road to the Cup #05 (1)

Uploaded: October 01, 2016