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2003 was when it all changed for me for NASCAR cards. Even though I've been a diehard NASCAR fan since Christmas 1992, I really didn't do much with my NASCAR cards- until 2003. I was in the Target in Kingston and purchased a single pack- I don't even remember what set it was from. In that single pack, was a Press Pass Signings card...of Dale Earnhardt Jr! That rekindled my love of NASCAR cards, mostly dormant since 1998. I started getting back into it big time, and for Christmas that year I got a box of Wheels High Gear. I would continue to get at least one box of most set from late 2003 until 2006, and in that time period is also when I got older boxes as I could find them...when most of my 2000-2002 cards were added to my collection.

All photos are scans of cards in my collection. Not for sale. Email for tradelist.

2003 Trackside Be The King for a Day! (1)

Uploaded: November 01, 2017