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The basketball card hobby fell apart in the early 1980s, and it happened here. It was the final Topps issue of it's vintage era, and it was a bizarre way they went about it. The early number cards were issued nationally, and then the later numbered cards were issued in three seperate regional formats- each sharing the same numbers other than the region marker- E, for East, W for West, and MW for Midwest. So even though the card set ends at card #110 for each region, the set is actually significantly more cards than that. I no longer remember if they were only available in each region, or if they all came packed togther...or even if I ever knew in the first place. Either way, I do have a complete set from all three regions and nationally issued early numbers.

Topps would not produce another set until 1992-93, and the vintage era, by most accounts, draws to a close, although I personally count the Star issues as vintage as well.

All scans are of items in my collection. Not for sale.

1981-82 Topps #W081 (1)

Uploaded: July 01, 2017