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Star's final year, and the end of what I define as the vintage era, although others- like Beckett, as I recall- disagree.

Star is the only company who ever used the exact same design for every issue they produced, although being only three main sets- I don't count the many promo issues like for the all-star games or whatnot, considering them akin to inserts- is not really a lot.

This year's Star set is on par, rarity wise, with 83-84's as being one of the hardest sets to find any cards of. This set also included the first cards of all the big names who entered the league in the 84-85 draft- Star did not include rookies in their sets- and most of them are so expensive I could never hope to have any of them, even when I was collecting regularly.

All scans are of cards in my collection, not for trade or sale.

1985-86 Star #094 (1)

Uploaded: August 01, 2018