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The lockout...well, the first one anyway. I wouldn't figure it out until later but it's in this season when the hobby changed and became something that I didn't enjoy, a slow, evolutionary process.

98-99 saw the season shortened to 50 games, and many of the card sets cancelled planned Series 2s. After this point eventually most of them stopped having a series 2. Serially numbering became big during this season, including SPx, named SPx Finite this year, where every single card was numbered! Numbering had existed earlier- I pulled my first in the 1996-97 season- but after this point it became "the" thing to do.

Upper Deck added 4 new sets- Black Diamond, Hardcourt, Ovation and Century Legends (which is a unique set as it came out with the 98-99 cards but includes player stats from that season, the set would be retooled the following season into NBA Legends. Topps didn't add anything new, Fleer/Skybox replaced Z-Force with Thunder, and Metal Series 2 was called Molten Metal- and even included metal cards, for the first time. Fleer also introduced a 1-year only product called Brilliants, which was the first set composed entirely of plastic cards. Fleer's flagship set was renamed Fleer Tradition.

All scans are of items in my collection. Not for sale.

1998-99 Fleer Tradition #122 (1)

Uploaded: May 01, 2017