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I have mixed feelings about this season up through 2003-04. It was when the hobby became something I didn't enjoy (eventually) but this is also when I was most active in the hobby, getting a box or more of pretty much every set. The era from late 1999-2003 or early 04 was my most active time in the hobby and I had a lot of fun, but the hobby changed and I eventually lost interest and quit in 2006.

1999-00 was the rookie year for my favorite player, Elton Brand.

After the lockout, the card hobby became more focused on gimmicks, and less on just documenting the game. A lot more sets were issued, but they were mostly all gimmick based. Some of them had great designs, but still...

99-00 saw the introduction of a bunch of new sets. From Fleer/Skybox- Force, Focus, and Mystique from the Fleer name. Hoops issued Hoops X (also known as Hoops Decade) to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Impact was a one-year only issue under it's own name. Skybox launched Apex and Dominion, Both one-year sets. This was the last year Skybox was used until 2003-04. Upper Deck issued HoloGrFx, Retro, Gold Reserve and Victory. MVP replaced Collector's Choice on the schedule and moved up to a lower-medium based set, and Victory was then the entry-level set. Topps issued Tip-Off, a stand-alone paralell of the basic set with different color borders, and Gold Label, which is the set I pulled my first 1/1 from in a single pack purchase from Diamond Jack's in Fishkill NY. Tip-Off was the first box I purchased from Champion Card Collector in Poughkeepsie NY, where almost all of my new additions would come from then to when I quit. In addition, there was also Stadium Club Chrome, a Chrome stand alone paralell of Stadium Club, it was the only year for that product.

All scans are of items in my collection. Not for sale.

1999-00 UD Ionix #12 (1)

Uploaded: August 01, 2016